How Expensive Can Jewellery Get?

Jewellery is loved across cultures and right from remote ancient civilizations to modern day populations. The designs and the material of jewellery might change but love for it remains intact. At times, it’s the gold antique jewellery that is in trend while at other times, it can be diamond jewellery but the base fact that people love to own and adorn it remains constant.

Jewellery comes in various metals and its cost varies according to the metal used in it. Like for instance both gold and silver are called precious metals but silver piece costs a fraction of what a similar gold piece will cost. Similarly, if you make platinum it will cost more than gold and so on. So, the same piece of jewellery will get costlier based on the material or metal used in making it.

Rhodium is the most expensive metal followed by Platinum and gold. While Platinum and gold are extensively used in making jewellery items, pure rhodium cannot be made into jewellery. The reason is that despite Rhodium being harder than gold, highly reflective, durable and not prone to corroding or getting tarnished, it is a very brittle metal. Thus it cannot be easily shaped or formed. However, Rhodium plated jewellery is popular as it makes the jewellery pieces resistant to scratches.

Based on the metals and stones used in the jewellery items the jewellery cost can go insanely high. Some of the most expensive jewellery in the world runs in millions of dollars. The hope diamond that was mined in Golconda in 1666 costs $200-250 million today. It is a 45.42-carat dark greyish-blue, antique cushion cut diamond and since its discovery, it has changed hands many times.

Then there is a Peacock Brooch by Graff Diamonds, which costs nearly $100 million today.  With a total carat weight of 120.81, this brooch contains 1,305 gemstones and is an epitome of beauty and extravagance. The centre diamond in this brooch alone weighs 20.02 carat and then there are numerous white, yellow, pink, orange, and green diamonds all around it.

Thus, if you are looking for the most expensive jewellery in the world, probably the hope diamond if turned into a jewellery piece will top the list.

However, if you consider in already existing jewellery pieces then L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace is the most expensive piece of jewellery valuing at around $55 million. This necklace contains the 407.48-carat central diamond, which is considered as the world’s largest internally flawless diamond. Attached to a rose gold chain there are 230 carats of smaller diamonds along with it in the necklace.

In a nutshell, if you see there is no limit to as how expensive can jewellery get. For instance, if you want you can go for a solitaire necklace, which will cost a bomb and in case your budget doesn’t allow it then you can have a diamond necklace with smaller stones. Thus, one can get a jewellery piece as per their budget and preference.

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